Throughout history, mankind has been faced with the problem of what do you do with someone when they have lived beyond their useful life.    As most people did not live long, it was a minor problem; however, the advent of modern health care, better nutrition, and a bunch of other factors people started living longer and longer.    The problem is become acute and move and more people suffer heinous illnesses and require greater and greater care.     This problem masks a new industry that has developed.    The least desirable people in our society have discovered respectability without pain and without resort to overt criminal activities.

After WW2 as part of fringe benefit packages companies offered ‘health insurance.’  Suddenly one of the poorest paying professions became one of the most lucrative.    The dedicated physician who donated his time to free clinics for the poor wherein anybody with a problem was welcome disappeared.   The concept that anyone who felt ill could go to the nearest hospital and receive treatment free disappeared to be replaced with insurance cards, Medicaid cards, etc.     The idea of refusing care to a human being was foreign; however, today, the University of Chicago hospitals avoids having a trauma center because it allows it to avoid treating gun shot victims – who might not pay for services.    St. Francis Hospital (where my father and uncle donated thousands of hours of time) will not treat a patient who has no insurance, no welfare card, and no visible way of paying for services.

However, if you could pay the ‘coverage’ of the carrier is the limit.    The twentyfive dollar aspirin is not rare.     Rare is the hospital bill that a patient could pay out of pocket – though individual practitioners are not necessarily compensated dollar for dollar.

The urge of hospitals to be profit centers gave rise to another industry – the nursing home.    This facility at first was a poor relative to the hospital and competed directly with ‘home care.’    Home care being defined as care administered by the family out of love or necessity.      The nursing home industry grew with the advent of insurance and government subsidy.     The hospital still was a profit center, but, the nursing home increased its importance and profitability by in essence becoming an ‘old folks home.’     If Johnny wanted to warehouse grandmother, it and ‘day care centers’ grew into vogue.     Long-term insurance and easy to reach assets made it practical.

(NB.  I am going to assume a degree of knowledge as to the operation of these facilities.    The group of operators who dominate the industry in a particular locale are referred to as the cabal.     These operators are politically savvy, very ‘smart,’ and very knowledgeable.   They hire very clouted lawyers and have the ability to fix any case that might be filed in the Court system.)

The nursing home abuses and role in the saga of ‘elder cleansing’<zzz!–[if !supportfootnotes]–=””>[1]<zzz!–[endif]–> has been a systemic element in the health care industry growth.    Hundreds of seniors find themselves in ‘care’ and are warehoused for the benefit of the nursing home owners.    So competitive is the business that ‘finder’s fees’ are quite common in the industry.   The Federal government watching from the sidelines periodically calls these gratuities “kickbacks” and indicts a small operator.    The program conducted in the nursing home is so foolproof that the criminally insane in many instances are housed right next to grandmother.   Both are drugged out of their skins.

Supply of patients is a problem for the avarice of the operators.     Warehousing costs between $1000.00 to $1500.00 a month and routine nursing home charges are approximately $8000.00 a month.    To keep a supply of patients (at $8000 a month) it is not usual for select lawyers and judges to be selected for rewards.    Investing in a nursing home owned by one of the cabal of top tier operators is also very lucrative.    A limited partner (who invests upwards of $100,000) is usually promised a 16 percent return on investment.     For approximately ten years the profit flows, however, thereafter, it reduces itself dramatically until it is gone.   The original investment is usually returned upon the sale of the facility.

Friends of the cabal are rewarded handsomely.     Enemies are punished.      The corruption is absolute and you are either a friend of an enemy.

The guardianship relationship  755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq (in Illinois) is a vehicle for certain favored lawyers to 1) make a living, 2) service favored nursing homes and hospice facilities, and 3) maintain control in the Courts so that the cabal does not have to reinvent the wheel each time they are sued or a hue and cry is raised as to nursing home conditions.      It is also a method for dishonest lawyers and judges to profit from the troubles of others as well as cash in on the fact that so many of the elderly have large estates that a just prime for the taking.

Starting at square one.

“ Guardianship shall be utilized only as is necessary in promotion the well-being of the disabled person to protect  him from neglect, exploitation or abuse and to encourage development of his maximum self-reliance and independence.   Guardianship shall be ordered only to the extent necessary by the individual’s actual mental and adaptive imitations.  “ (Illinois Probate Act)

The Americans with Disability Act provides for “reasonable accommodation” for the disabled person, and the Constitution worries about due process, liberty, freedom of speech, protection of property etc.     It is very difficult to operate a predatory health care facility or other enterprise under such circumstances, Ergo a new cast of characters  is brought into the mix.     To protect the dishonest judges and lawyers the Attorney Disciplinary Commissions are recruited.      Their job is to protect the miscreants from HONEST investigations by law enforcement.      They do so by filing disciplinary actions against any lawyer who wanders in the Probate Division of the Circuit court and is upset sufficiently to communicate to law enforcement what he observes.

The code of silence is necessary because contrary to the clear statement quoted supra concerning the nature of the guardianship and the Federal limitations of the Americans With Disabilities Act an adjudication of incompetency is a death sentence for the elderly or the disabled person.    The senior or the disabled person becomes a non- person.     Routinely,  the guardian isolates the victim from his/her prior life and family and places the ward (victim) into a facility wherein contact with the outside world is severely limited.    The assets are stripped from the victim and every dime that can be extracted from the victim’s insurance or other benefits is removed.     A dwelling is ordered sold by the dishonest judge, and it is sold to a ‘friend’ of the cabal.     The price is a fraction of the value, thus, when there is a legitimate sale further down the line the gain is a capital gain.    The purchase price of the sham sale is usually awarded to the miscreants as attorney fees.

The Sykes case 09 P 4585 (Circuit Court of Cook County) is a text book example of ‘elder cleansing.      Mary Sykes was an active articulate and very competent elderly lady of advanced years.    She conducted her own banking, drove her own vehicle, and was active in her church and garden club.     Mary discovered that her elder daughter was stealing from her and wound up in the Circuit Court seeking a protective order against the daughter.

This case was ripe for the picking and the miscreants did not miss the opportunity.    The daughter filed a guardianship proceeding after forcibly removing Mary to DuPage county.    The guardian ad litem and the attorney for the daughter orchestrated the guardianship proceeding so that all dissent was eliminated.    755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 is Illinois’ senior protection against such conduct.    It requires 14 days prior notice of any incompetency hearing  to not only the alleged incompetent but the closest family members, i.e. children, spouse, siblings etc.          In the Mary Sykes case – even though 5/11a – 10 is jurisdictional it was totally ignored.     The younger daughter and Mary’s two sisters (siblings) were not notified of any hearing.     In fact no competency hearing was held and no determination as to the degree of assistance Mary might need was ever  made.      The hearing was obviated by an agreement between the petitioner, her attorney and the two guardian ad litem – they got together and submitted a draft order to the corrupt judge who signed it<zzz!–[if !supportfootnotes]–=””>[2]<zzz!–[endif]–>.

When Gloria Sykes complained, one of the guardian ad litem accused her of stealing about a million dollars from her mother.    It appears that Gloria had recovered an insurance settlement from her homeowners carrier and was using the money to repair to covered casualty.      Arbitrarily the GAL claimed that this money was Mary’s and should not be used to repair the home.       Gloria’s attorneys were frightened off.   JoAnne Denison appeared on the scene – she was not frightened so the Guardian ad Litem arbitrarily claimed that she had a conflict of interest – it appeared that she once notarized a document that Mary signed.     Ms. Denison was disqualified.   Some similar technique was used to make certain that Mary was not afforded any legal representation.

The guardian ad litem complained to the corrupt Judge that Mary was agitated when she saw her family, and the Judge ordered supervised visitation.    A corporation related to the cabal was designated as the supervisor.    This corporation’s fees were outrageous and patently obnoxious.    Amongst the charges approved were charges relating to a dog that Mary allegedly owned.    Mary’s assets were expropriated.    Over a million dollars in gold coins disappeared when removed from a safety deposit box.    The Guardian did not have a key because only Mary’s name and Gloria’s name appeared on the box so she drilled out the lock and did not report any of this activity or inventory to the court.  Value antiques and cash disappeared  – they were partially inventoried.  *****

As similar scenario was followed in the Alice Gore case.     The Gore case was particularly horrid as it sunk to some new lows.     The Guardian ad Litem promulgated the prospecting for Gold in Alice’s mouth.  29 teeth were removed so that the gold could be harvested before Alice’s death was arranged.     The family was so carefully isolated from Alice that they did not discover her death for about a week after she died.   Inquiries by family were ignored.    The gold was never inventoried.

The Jaycox case was another Illinois fiasco.     Mr. Jaycox was never incompetent.    He was admitted to a nursing home because there was no one to take care of him and he had severe leg cramps which were debilitating.      It turned out that a benign medication that Jaycox was administered had a side effect of severe cramps.     (Had anyone read the bottle supplied with the medication Jaycox would have been cured).     Jaycox had severe depression as at 80 years old he lost every dime of his substantial estate in a Con scheme.    He and his significant other were essentially wiped out!      Our health care community did not take the time to look for side effects of preventative medications as the cause of Mr. Jaycox’s illness.

The nursing home augmented the problem.     It is common practice for nursing homes to administer chemicals designed to “keep the patient calm.”      Doping is necessary as live people require live caregivers and complain about the quality and quantity of food, housekeeping, and quality of life.    A zombie can be wheeled into the hall and such called Physical Therapy,  or visited by pseudo medical personnel etc.      The ‘dope’ also had a side effect of severe leg cramps.

Thus Jaycox was in agony most of the time.   The cabal (nursing home) found that it was no long before Jaycox’s insurance stopping paying, and a search discovered that his assets were in the hands of a criminal who was being prosecuted for his crimes in the Federal Court.      Thus, a guardianship was called for.     Jaycox was not incompetent, and did not want a guardian.    He hired me.     With my appearance the guardianship started to go South!     It was useless to ‘talk to me’ and intimidating me was already known to be very difficult.     Thus, the miscreants were compelled to go to Court.     Unfortunately, I demanded a hearing and the Judge assigned the case was not going to put her neck on the line.

On the date of the hearing Jaycox fell out of bed and  hit his head.       He could not attend, and I would not waive his presence.    The Judge ordered the hearing to be held in Jaycox’s room at the nursing home.     Fortuitously, a day or so before the hearing Mr. Jaycox again fell and this time he broke his hip.     He was in surgery at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

The hearing was removed to the Hospital.    Jaycox was wheeled into the room, but he was in such pain that he could not testify or observe the proceedings.      The  Shrink who certified that Jaycox was totally incompetent and unable to manage his affairs had made a special trip to the hospital and the Judge wanted to accommodate him.    I agreed.

The hearing was wild.   The cabal’s attorney did not know how to present an expert witness and the Court had no choice but to sustain each objection.    Rather than prolong the hearing the Judge asked me I would object to her examining the witness.   I had no objection.    The Judge did a masterful job of presenting the Cabal’s case and it was very clear that in the opinion of the expert Mr. Jaycox had no mental capacity whatsoever.

When a proceeding is conducted in a manner that follows the rules, even the ‘likes’ of yours truly is afforded the opportunity to ‘play lawyer’ and cross examine the witness.     I did!    I asked a couple of benign questions and then got to business.    A person who undergoes surgery must consent to the surgery.    A hospital cannot helter skelter go around cutting people up.    Thus I inquired as to who authorized the surgery on Mr. Jaycox.     Mr. Expert testified that Jaycox had.     I shut up and moved for a finding.

By that motion, I cost Mr. Jaycox his life!     Robert Jaycox almost immediately contacted an Aspirated pneumonia which is fatal!

There was no inquiry, no protest, quickly Jaycox was cremated and as there was no estate *****.

This is the future!   Unless law enforcement does it job and protects us from the corrupt lawyers, judges, judicial officials and corrupt public officials.     The attempt to shut off protest or discussion of this problem has been very successful.     Lawyers who speak out have their licenses to practice law pulled.    A judge who complains becomes once again a private person.     Law enforcement people who do not toe the line are walking a beat in Far Rockaway.      The time for an HONEST investigation and Honest and vigorous law enforcement is now before it is too late.

The remedy is quite simple.     In Sykes about two million dollars is unaccounted for.    The Department of the Treasury (IRS) and the Illinois Department of Revenue are each owed substantial taxes and penalties by the co-conspirators.   (See 18 USCA 371 for the definition of conspirator).      Each uninventoried dollar most probably was not reported on the 1040 tax form.      Thus, I suspect that substantial income taxes, interest and penalties are due.    Conspirators have joint and several liability not only for the damages, but for the taxes, interest and penalties.     In Illinois Mr. Jerome Larkin and some lawyers employed by the IARDC have committed overt actions in pursuance of the conspiracy.    An assessment of the taxes, interest and penalties (civil) will stop the ‘cover up’ and send a message.  NB.  In civil tax collection the taxpayer has the burden of proof.     Without the protection of Mr. Larkin and the IARDC the miscreants will be at the mercy of the Rule of Law.

Elder cleansing is defined as  a combination of the isolation, abuse, and exploitation of a senior citizen.   It is usually followed by an involuntary assisted suicide.

The Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois could find in his files and in the Court file no evidence that Mary was ever served with summons in the incompetency proceeding.    The particular summons required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 was not a printed form of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.    The required summons was never filed in the Court.

Ken Ditkowsky

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