Trial is here and now–130 E Randolph St, 8th floor, bring an ID

While we are actively taking notes and blogging during this trial, the Chair has asked me to post a statement that I will blog about witness testimony, but those posts will not appear until trial is over and we reach closing arguments.


I didn’t put it on a prior post (which I can’t find now) because the purpose of that post was only to make everyone aware that we would be taking notes (blogging) and those would eventually get posted.

The rule is, witnesses must be sequestered during a trial so they don’t talk among themselves and change their testimony.

The Chair wanted me to make it clear that was not going to happen.  There is the rule of “witness squestration” so witnesses don’t compare notes and change testimony.

He wanted to make that clear.

Fine by me.  Come on by and see what is going on.  It is very interesting.


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